reading room
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Exercise 1:
Speak detox:

(For this exercise it is important to inform your surroundings at forehand, you can do this individually or in group, and during this sequence you can simultaneously develop other ways of communicating)

Day 1:
Say only things if you feel they are urgent
Day 2:
Speak only if someone asks you a question
Day 3:
Choose three words that you may use that day
Day 4:
Don’t speak
Exercise 2:

Silent walk:

Go on a walk together
But don’t say a word
Listen to the sounds around you
Turn the first to the left
The next to the right
The next to the left
Repeat this until you feel the group wants to turn back
Try to walk the opposite way
Exercise 3:

Sharing imaginations
Have an improvisatory conversation in your group with these three rules:

- Never ask a question
- Always react on what the other said before
- Never talk from the first person
Exercise 4:

Don't be afraid of silence
katinkakatinka · Assertive Presence