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value creation
cash money is different then money on a bank account
what value does our space have for others?
for whom is the space?
what does have value within your group?
what do you generate in your group?
one collective can have a big influence on other collectives, this for sure is value creation
it is difficult to say: "this has no value"
then you need to stop what you are doing
money is debt
money is a game
Exercise 1:

Ordering pizza:
Host a meeting in your group and try to avoid the word money
Instead of money you use the word pizza
Exercise 2:

Full hands:
Ask everyone to name things they find valuable except money
Ask them to write down their monthly income consisting of these things
Exercise 3:

Let a dice decide how much money a project may cost
Money money money

Honey honey honey

Exercise 4:

Participate on an exhibition with an object that you can trade for another object
Try to ‘sell’ the object until you have another
See with what object you end up with

Repeat this on another exhibition
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